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Our farm is a second generation peony cultivator with over 35 years experience in growing peonies. After many years of requests from our Dahlia tuber customers we are now offering our peonies for sale.

Peonies are extremely long lasting perennials that have been bringing joy to gardeners for hundreds of years. Peonies require very little care and grow in climates as varied as Alaska, Ontario, and North Carolina. Any gardener should be able to produce excellent peony bushes with our root stock.

Peonies can be planted as soon as you receive them. The first year you plant your peony it likely won't produce any flowers (though you may get lucky with extra special care). Feed and water as you would any other perennial and in the second year you will start seeing the production of blooms, and from there it only gets better.

Peonies are not a quick fix to any garden but are a 3 year investment in your landscape. Pick a spot where you have at least a 3' diameter around the plant to give it room to grow. Your first year of growing peonies may be slightly underwhelming but the excitement grows every year as you see more and more shoots emerging every spring.

Plant your peonies in a spot free from soaking wet soil conditions (nothing likes wet feet). The spot should get at least 8 hours of sunshine. Feed with a balanced fertilizer or well composted manure. Don't worry about the ants, it's an urban legend that they wreck the flowers, they are simply attracted to the sap that forms on the buds before the flowers open.

At the end of the growing season cut them down to the ground and remove the stems and foliage from the garden (they can harbour fungal problems). In your second year simply watch them come back up and start enjoying the flowers!

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