Creekside Growers started with a small acreage in Hartford Ontario desiring to grow excellent cut peonies. We have expanded steadily every year since to include a wide variety of field grown peonies and dahlias.  We are a family business with much of the growing knowledge coming from parents who have been growing for 30 years.
Though we started as a 2 person operation, over the past 9 years we have grown to become one of the top dahlia producers in Ontario with 2 farms equaling 75 acres used for dahlia and peony cultivation with over 25 acres being utilized in the rotation at any on time. The winter of 2016/17 also presented us with the opportunity to start cultivating dahlia tubers for sale directly to the consumer and that has been a huge hit. 
In 2016 we decided that we had definitely outgrown our Hartford location so at the beginning of the 2017 season we purchased a new farm closer to Delhi Ontario and will continue to expand our operation here. Our desire is to produce excellent products while constantly innovating within our operation.  Creekside Growers is committed to excellence in our growing and customer service. 
Our cut products can be found in Ontario primarily through the Ontario Flower Growers Co-op and at your local flower shop anywhere they are requested. We also deal with wholesalers who spread our product from Sudbury to North Carolina and from Thunder Bay to PEI. We are blessed with an excellent distribution network!
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Contact Us:

692 Windham Rd 11 Delhi ON

905 746 9253