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Dahlias are easy!

Here you can find all the info you need to grow great dahlias


Dahlia Tubers

  1. When you get your package, open it up and open the bags.

  2. inspect tubers for rot. We aren't perfect and we're shipping a perishable product, so if anything has rotted please trim off those parts of the tuber and allow it to air dry.

  3. plant the entire contents of the bag in a hole with about 2 inches of dirt over it. Make sure the area will not get overly saturated as this will encourage rot.

  4. the orientation of the tuber does not matter, the sprout will find its way to the surface.

  5. if your tubers have not sprouted by the time you want to plant, don't worry! many varieties take up to 4 weeks to sprout after being in a cold dormant state.

  6. You do not need to water your dahlia until after the sprouts have come out of the ground and there are at least 2 sets of leaves. 

  7. The size of a dahlia tuber does not determine the health or strength of the plant, that part is up to the grower. Dahlia tubers are only a storage organ for the energy required to send up a shoot, after that has been accomplished the roots, leaves, and gardener take over the growing.

  8. See the picture to the right, it has a tiny pink eye poking out, some are pink, some are white, some are green, the colour doesn't matter, it's variety specific.

  9. If you have followed all these instructions and your dahlias fail to come out of the ground after waiting at least 4 weeks please contact us and we will guide you through what can be done. Please contact us by June 30 if your dahlias did not grow.



Rooted cuttings

  1. Rooted cuttings are even easier than tubers!

  2. When you recieve your box open it up, pull out the tray of cuttings and water them.

  3. Make sure the weather is good enough to plant, dahlias are sensitive to frost and you don't want them burned off by a cold night.

  4. dig a hole big enough for the plug and put it in the ground.

  5. Keep the soil damp and watch it grow!

In all cases, the best fertilizer for young dahlias is a balanced fertilizer such as 20-20-20. When your dahlias start to bloom you can use something that will encourage bloom and tuber growth like a 10-30-20 or something with those same ratios.

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