Dahlia tubers for sale

Dahlias are a tender plant that need to be lifted from the ground in the fall after frost has ended the growing season. We begin our season, like all farmers, in early May. Working ground and planting the dahlias.

We grow our plants all summer to produce cut flowers and after frost ends the growing season we spend a few weeks harvesting, drying and preparing the tubers for storage.

In the winter we fill your orders for dahlia tubers, carefully selecting the best divisions to package and ship to our customers. 

The months of March and April are when your shipment goes out, just in time for you to plant in your garden or start in pots in your house or greenhouse. As of March 1 all sales are final.

All tubers are guaranteed to produce at least one viable growing shoot. If your dahlias fail to produce an eye please contact us for a credit towards an order the following year.

We grow a large acreage of dahlias and can supply any order large or small so please don't hesitate to ask.

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