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Unleash your inner gardener.

This beautiful box is full of all the things you need to be successful at growing a garden full of dahlias. We focused specifically on dahlia varieties that will grow easily, tall enough for cutting, and have tubers that multiply and store well.


We also included all the fixings to make your new adventure a success. 


1. Two each of the following varieties: Jowey Chantel, Sweet Natalie, Eveline, Ivanetti, and Sandra.


2. Fertilizer, our custom blend of fertilizer! It is the same as we use to grow our own dahlias. It's enough to get you going and keep them blooming for the season.


3. Clippers, these are our favourite clippers. Our employees put hundreds of hours on each pair we own (thousands of hours over the years) and they are the best ones we've found.


4. Organza Bags, if you want beautiful blooms and don't want to spray your dahlias with chemicals these bags help protect the blooms from most bugs and also shade a bit of the suns rays in the hottest parts of summer


5. Plant tags, lots of people will be asking about your dahlias but no need to worry about remembering the names because you will have attractive tags made from stainless steel and copper that will identify the place in the garden where you planted and also the variety name.


***These will ship in April and cannot be combined with any other purchase.***




The Bloom Box

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